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Diversity and combined consulting are designed to improve results and management through transferral and diffusion of innovation which create wealth, reduce costs, and facilitate decision-making.

With scientific and legal rigor we find innovative, specific solutions in product development, alternative analyses, evaluating decisions, projects and business conditions as well as follow-up and recommendations for the application of the latest technological advances.

We combine competitive services with our own areas of expertise, offering innovative, multi-faceted solutions.


Diagnóstico Valoración Outsourcing Financiación Tecnología
Analysis and evaluation of business conditions Financial Evaluation External Financial Direction Debt Renegotiation and Planning Solutions to Open Code Computer Technology
Financial Management of the Treasury Evaluation of Intangibles Reporting and Control of External Management Specialized Financing:  Project Finance, Expansion Planning New Technology applied to Financing
Analysis and Management of Financial Risks Evaluation of Businesses Design of Financial Products Strategies for Public and International Financingl Systems of Information and Communications
Auditing Evaluation of Investments Recommendations for Adapting IAS Franchises  




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