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IAFI Innovation is dedicated to the transmission of direct knowledge in order to improve business management and efficiency.  We offer answers to the need for new solutions as a base for responsible decision-making in the present and future socio-economic environment.

Innovation is our added value. Our knowledge and experience in research and methodological development as well as our command of legal, accounting, economic and TIC resources related to our financial focus guarantee the quality and accuracy of our services and the satisfaction of our clients.


IAFI Innovation advises in the analysis and management of decision-making in the economic/financial area to persons, businesses, and public entities adapting itself to their needs for information and efficiency.  Our services are all the more valuable as they take into consideration the legal, technological and human aspects in each endeavour.


IAFI Innovation’s vast experience in the training required and demanded by the market allows us to offer a wide spectrum of courses that include legal, technological, and human aspects which are inherent in a present-day vision of the complex financial world.


We offer a complete selection of material from studies to publications to didactic manuals as well as interest area book collections for the diffusion of our financial knowledge and related areas of interest. These materials are also available in an open and flexible electronic format which allows easy access to all of our services and products.



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